Earn money by sharing

If you have special expertise, you can earn money by sharing it with travellers from all over the world. Host your activity, combined with your local knowledge, at WingX. When and what you host is up to you. Become one of our hosts no matter what kind of activity you like to share, WingX makes it simple and secure. Using our mobile app or our website you’re in full control of your availability, prices, rules, and interaction with your clients.

Share your passion

Hosting an experience with us gives you an opportunity to share your passion with a worldwide audience. Take a moment to assess the tours, services, and workshops you currently offer and submit your listing to WingX.

Use our Guidelines

It’s essential that your tour, service or workshop is a good fit for WingX and meets our expectations. Use our guidelines to adapt your new or existing experiences to our platform. It will better enable you to find success and reach your hosting goals. Do you need assistance? Our team is here to help you.

Meet your guest’s expectations

When you submit your experience, highlight the ways your tour, service or workshop can make guests feel welcome, safe and at ease. Offer a deep-dive into your world through your passion, give access to the unique aspects of your city. Offer a perspective guests cannot find elsewhere. Last but not least: involve guests in active participation.