Connecting with locals

Just imagine, your connecting flight has been delayed, you are stuck at an airport and you have to wait at least for at least several hours. Wouldn't it be nice if you could spare some time with a local who could show you the secrets of his hometown?

Exciting experiences

Exactly this was the base for WingX. Sitting in the lounge of an airport hotel he came up with the idea of building a marketplace where travellers from around the world could find exciting experiences offered by people who like to share their passion, their hobbies, and their local knowledge.

WingX was borne

Back home he quickly formed a team of enthusiastic and passionate travellers and they started building an app. WingX was borne. His remarkable initiative still forms the fundamentals of WingX, the worlds first market place for sharing your passion or find and book experiences that will give every voyage a unique dimension.

Meeting, sharing and creating

And the team? Each and every day the team members become more enthusiastic as they see how people started sharing. Because that's what WingX is all about. Meeting, sharing and creating.